What we do

We are a global technology business that delivers people-focused retirement solutions

Blending participant-led innovation with technical expertise, our teams deliver turnkey retirement solutions.

We transform retirement savings

We empower employers, advisors and plan participants to take full advantage of retirement savings options. Our products include everything from self-service retirement income solutions to more customized platform options.

Why choose Smart?

Our recordkeeping solution for pooled employer plan (PEPs) aligns with the SECURE Act's requirements, and our flexible platform model provides a conflict-free approach to partnering for financial services entities. We believe no other technology-led retirement provider delivers people-focused solutions the way we do.

Smart is launching a recordkeeping solution for PEPs, in the US in 2021, bringing technology to the US market to facilitate retirement income solutions and eliminating barriers to some employers.

Why do employers choose PEPs?

PEPs are attractive to many employers because they can reduce plan expenses by pooling assets to achieve economies of scale for investments. They also eliminate redundant expenses through a single plan document, 5500 filing, and plan audit.

PEPs minimize the fiduciary burden of the employer because the law requires each plan to be sponsored by a Pooled Plan Provider (PPP). There are certain tasks that still fall to the employers as plan sponsors, and that’s where Smart’s platform rises above others. Our technology helps them fulfil these obligations, calculating how much needs to be contributed and when, and ensuring the proper funds are sent on time

We’re growing quickly

Smart is a global enterprise. Our founders guide our user centered work to service the needs of employers, plan participants and advisors.

We work with many of the world’s largest financial institutions and governments.

We know technology delivers results

Smart is one of the fastest-growing financial technology companies in the UK. We’re proud of making a real difference to people’s retirement options.

Everyone who works for Smart focuses on finding the right solutions, rather than working backwards to fit ‘legacy’ technology.

Innovation is our beacon

Fintech – financial technology – lets us get creative. It’s shown us that the best retirement solutions are the ones designed with real people’s input.

We’re constantly improving, checking with employers and advisors, doing everything we can to offer better retirement options.

We own our technology platform

This gives us full control of our technology roadmap. It means we can grow and adapt to changing regulations, and your evolving needs.

We expand our products, we don’t reinvent them

As we grow, we develop our platform in a modular, configurable way. This lets you benefit from all the emerging technology we’re seeing.

We are built to integrate with people and products

Smart’s innovative platform connects directly to your systems and applications, so we can deliver best-in-class solutions.

We are quick to adapt and always happy to help

Our business builds great products quickly, which we can then adapt to your needs, and allow you to deliver faster results.

We take a fresh approach

Our proprietary recordkeeping platform was built for defined contribution plans. No legacy means simpler, quicker and more flexible development.

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