Smart fiduciary services

Interested in a Pooled Employer Plan (PEP)? Looking for fiduciary risk mitigation?
Think and look Smart.

Retirement plans are subject to complex regulatory and operational requirements

Typically, the employer sponsoring a plan has ultimate fiduciary responsibility and liability for a wide array of tasks. Most employers do not fully understand their fiduciary duties or have the time and expertise to devote to plan management.

The risk of its fiduciary duties, combined with costs to administer a plan, can deter employers from offering one.

Smart makes it simple for businesses to offer competitive retirement plans to their employees

Through technology-driven processes, Smart partners with recordkeepers and Third Party Administrators to reduce employer fiduciary risks and costs for businesses, helping to enable them to adopt a plan.

Why select Smart as your fiduciary services provider?


Not affiliated with the service providers we oversee. This ensures that we avoid conflicts and act solely to prioritize the interests of plan participants and their beneficiaries.


Focused on solving the retirement coverage gap by removing the typical barriers that hinder businesses from sponsoring retirement plans for its employees.


Can serve as your PEP’s Pooled Plan Provider (PPP) or as a 402(a) Fiduciary for MEPs, GOPs and single-employer plans.


Can oversee all or some of the providers to the plan, depending on needs.


Experts on fiduciary oversight of the other professionals supporting retirement plans, so employers and their advisors can focus on what they do best.


As a FinTech, we are focused on innovation through technology to support efficient delivery of our fiduciary services.
A wheel shape with an orange centre with the words "Fiduciary responsibilities under ERISA". Around this are five light blue segments each with text in them, they read from the top clockwise as: loyalty, prudence, diversification, follow plan documents and control expenses.

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Smart Retirement Solutions, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Smart USA Co., and an indirect subsidiary of Smart Pension Limited (Smart). Smart Retirement Solutions, Inc. provides independent fiduciary oversight services as a named fiduciary to single-employer plans and/or as a Pooled Plan Provider to Pooled Employer Plans as defined in the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act of 2019. These services include, but are not limited to the selection and monitoring of recordkeeping, administrative and investment service providers.